1. Solstice Sunglasses Magazine Ad

A magazine ad for a fictional, expensive sunglasses company. Meant to run in a high-fashion magazine targeting women ages 18-50.

zoomschool project
2. Summer Options Newsletter Ad

An advertisement that ran in the 2008 issue of the PPANE newsletter. The ad highlighted new services available summer 2008 at Century Color. Designed for Century Color Labs, Inc.

3. Ancient Egypt Exhibit Magazine Ad

An ad targeted at a teenage audience with the purpose of getting them interested in an Egyptian exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Look closely to see the Egyptian Hieroglyphics superimposed on the cell phone’s keypad!

zoomschool project
4. Products “At a Glance” Ad Cards

5x8 two-sided marketing cards that depict the products/services offered at Century Color. Used as handouts at trade shows and inserts in sample packs. Designed for Century Color Labs, Inc.

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