1. The White Stripes

A logo designed for the rock band, The White Stripes. The two letter “i”s represent the band’s two members, a man and a woman.

school project
2. Gibbs College

A logo for Gibbs College, Farmington, CT. The green dots represent completing a degree quickly.

school project
3. JustPrint / ProPrint

These are a set of logos for two related product lines. JustPrint is a line of inexpensive printing aimed at photographers who do their own color correction. ProPrint is a line of prints that are color corrected by professional color technicians. Designed for Century Color Labs, Inc.

4. Tacky Backs

A logo for a product line featuring vinyl wall posters that are easily removable. Designed for Century Color Labs, Inc.

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5. All Wrapped Up

A logo for a fictional luxury stationary company. The logo reflects the whimsical style of the wrapping paper and stationary designs.

school project
6. 301 A.D.

A logo for an online company that sells religious keepsakes. Designed for 301AD.com

7. Designs by Doreen

A logo designed for a company that offers custom album design services. Two logos were created: the typographic logo (to be used on business cards, stationary, etc.) and the simple interlocking Ds logo (to be imprinted on albums and photo books). Designed for Designs by Doreen

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