BRAG Magazine | Spring 2008 Issue

BRAG Magazine was an extracurricular project at Gibbs College that I joined during my last year at school. The magazine was a collaborative effort between the graphic design and the fashion students. I was involved in many different projects. I was part of the design team, specifically I designed the Before and After and Sketch Book pages. I wrote two of the articles featured in this issue and managed the photo shoot. Last but not least, I was part of the promotional team where my job was to design posters and email ads to get people to buy the magazine. It was a big project, but I’m glad I got the chance to work on it because I learned valuable lessons about working with a team and magazine production.

zoomschool project
BRAG Magazine | My Pages

I designed Before and After (pg. 21) to show the transformation of two students after the stylists changed their looks. The Sketchbook page (inner cover) showcases three fashion designers’ sketches and information about the fashion show.

zoomschool project
BRAG Magazine | Promotional Poster

This poster was designed to communicate the release date and price of the spring issue of BRAG Magazine. It was posted around school to motivate students to buy the magazine.

zoomschool project
BRAG Magazine | Teaser Email

This image was coded into an email that was sent to all the students and faculty at Gibbs College. It was designed to create hype before the release of the magazine.

zoomschool project
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