1. Florida Travel Poster

This is a poster enticing people to travel to Florida. The assignment required the use of a silhouette. I chose to use the outline of the bird as an overlay on the main image for a unique effect.

zoomschool project
2. Movie Poster

This poster was designed for a school project where I was only allowed to use letters and phrases to construct a movie poster. I chose to design a poster for Being John Malkovich featuring a portrait of John Malkovich as the focal point. His portrait is made up of individually placed J’s and M’s (for his initials).

zoomschool project
3. Rock Concert Poster

This poster was designed for The White Stripes’ fictional world tour. It makes use of the logo that I also designed for the band, and fits into the design scheme for the CD and backstage pass art (see Packaging)

zoomschool project
4. Classical Concert Poster

The purpose for this school project was to depict a classical concert in a way that would appeal to high school and college age audience members. I believe that my interesting background scheme and typography placement makes the concert seem cool and speaks to a younger audience.

zoomschool project
5. Fashion Show Poster

This poster was designed as an assignment for Gibbs’ spring fashion show. It showcases one designer’s dress as well as the date of the show. The pattern on the dress is subtlety repeated in the background for visual interest.

zoomschool project
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